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Media of the Mind

is a creative project to explore the psyche through experiencing and analyzing mixed media, serving as a bridge for individuals to connect with their internal world and participate in the artwork of becoming a conscious individual. The artistic dimension is a dimension of truth and universality. So much so, that even when we might be afraid of approaching painful topics and feelings, art has a way of reaching our unconscious with images and symbols that can mirror emotional experiences for us, putting us in touch with our inner world and allowing us a chance to grapple with our lives.

Art is a type of visual phenomena that expresses the metaphors about what it is to be alive. Art reflects the universal themes of the human condition, our very nature, and bears witness to our tragedies that often cannot be felt or expressed with words alone. Experiencing our lives reflected back to us through artistic media allows us to come into touch with our own humanity. It demonstrates that emotional experiences are universal which can help decrease shame by way witnessing motifs and themes that depcite the human condition; that it is in our nature to feel, to relate, to struggle, to suffer, and to persevere.

When viewing artistic media, our minds are responding to the images, sounds and symbols in the artwork. This helps stimulate our experiencing of a deeper strata of psychological 

material.Art serves as an emotional and psychological container for an individual, a space where they can hold and process emotional experiences that come from deep within. This practice can be relied on as something we can turn to when life gets difficult or distressing.


Taking time to reflect on art can make conscious our emotional experiences, values and belief systems and can help us increase our self-awareness, while promoting self-understanding, self-acceptance and personal growth. By allowing us to reflect on material that was once outside of our awareness, we can connect back to ourselves. We can find and come to know ourselves, trust ourselves, while making sense of our experiences and validating the feelings we've been carrying.


How often do you find yourself talking about a song, a book, a TV show or a movie that you were personally impacted by? Moreover, how often do you realize why you are having a particular response to this movie? Artistic media can stir up feelings in us that may have been warded off from consciousness.

Unlike directly being asked about your hardships, you may feel more open and perhaps more tolerant of recognizing patterns and wounds through the images and emotions being generated by an Artist's work.


For example, when we watch a movie, we enter a state of openness and receptivity. We are eager to receive the images being shown to us. We are relaxed, we generally feel safe and non-threatened, and this allows us to process the art in a deeper, more connected way. The images are able to penetrate our psyche, which makes it possible to have an emotional impact on us.


Wether creating art yourself, or participating in the art as an observer, artistic media provides us with an opportunity to become curious, aware and respond consciously to otherwise unconscious material. The magic of art is how it evokes truth, feeling and helps us bear the weight of our lives.

Where Psyche meets Art there exists a bridge to the artwork of becoming conscious. 

Media of the mind is an offering of one particular path towards personal growth through the use of art in its various forms. The hope is that through reflecting on art, we may begin to deepen our relationship with our inner world. This process can be used to awaken self examination as we witness the mirroring of our life experiences through artistic expression and begin to deepen our connection to our emotions as we seek self understanding. We may also experience a greater reflection on culture and society and our connection to the world around us. I plan to select films and other media that evoke reflection on who we are, how we got this way and how we are subsequently relating to the world. I will also be sharing my own art and exploring the creative process itself as a method of alchemizing life’s hardships into the gold of soulfulness by honoring our necessary and sacred relationship with psyche.